Quilling IdeasLooking for some good quilling ideas? Can’t think of what to quill next? There are many different ways that you can get ideas for new quilling projects from considering the season to thinking about the person you are creating the item for.

Quill Items Related to the Season
What time of year is it? Is it Christmas? Valentine’s Day? Or Easter? Use the time of year to come up with new ideas to quill. If it is Christmas then you will probably be quilling Christmas cards so use Christmas quilling patterns such as Christmas trees, gift boxes, etc. If it is Valentine’s day then why not create some quilled hearts or Easter eggs at Easter?

Quilling Gift Ideas
When you are quilling gifts you may use the person’s hobbies, career or other interests to get quilling ideas. If the person is an animal lover or veterinarian then you could find quilling patterns that contain animals. If the person loves cooking then quill a cake or other food.

Décor Ideas with Quilling
Are you using quilling in your home? Then think about your other décor in the room. What effect do you want to create in the room? Is it a classic or antique one or a more modernistic, contemporary feel? The quilling you create should match your other décor items and also use colours that match your current décor.

Decorative Quilling Ideas
Quilling can also be good for other decorative items such as creating jewellery. If you enjoy costume jewellery or have a friend and family member who does then think of what size they would like it and also the type of jewellery they would like e.g. miniature birds or other animals, abstract designs, etc.

Useful Quilling Ideas
Quilling has been used on practical items for hundreds of years such as to decorate book covers or cabinets. When you are using quilling to decorate a practical item think of what that item will be used for (or what the book is about) and get ideas from this.

Allow your imagination to go and find quilling ideas wherever you look. Think of how you can quill items to go with practical or decorative items or how you can spoil a friend or family member by quilling an item for them. There really are plenty of ideas.