Useful Tools for Your Quilling ProjectAlthough you can start quilling with just a little paper, glue and a needle, there are many other quilling tools that can make for a wider range of possibilities in creating quilling projects.

A Quilling Board Helps Lay out Your Quilling Projects
You needn’t even purchase an expensive quilling board but simply create your own using a piece of corrugated cardboard if you are strapped for cash. Cover the smooth side of the corrugated cardboard with white paper and place over this a sheet of wax paper under which you can place your pattern when working on quilling projects.

Quilling Designer Board
The quilling designer board allows you to get regular quilling shapes that are the right size as it has different size circles that you can measure your coils in. This circular stencil is on a cork board which can also be used as your quilling board by simply adding the wax paper to put your pattern under.

Fringing Tools
Fringing tools are particularly useful for creating shapes like quilled flowers, etc. Although you can cut small fringes in the paper yourself this does not always make for a professional appearance and you may find them very useful if you want to do a lot of this type of quilled work.

Tracing Paper
Tracing paper is another useful tool for quilling projects as it allows you to trace patterns from books and then put these on your quilling board as well as allowing you to keep original copies of paper patterns while working with these traced copies.

Using a variety of different quilling tools will allow you to create better quilling projects that look more professional as well as creating a wider range of shapes to add to your design. If you do not have a lot of money then try getting the essentials first and then gradually adding these other quilling tools when you can.