Quilled StarPaper quilling, also known as paper filigree, is the art of creating different patterns and shapes using primarily coiled pieces of paper. Paper quilling may be done in either 2 dimensions or 3 dimensions simply by manipulating the coiled paper in different ways.

What is Required for Paper Quilling?
In order to quill you will need at the very least a quilling needle and some paper. Although you do get special quilling paper you can also use thin strips of ordinary coloured paper. There are also a number of other tools that you could find useful in cutting and shaping the paper and creating different designs.

The History of Paper Filigree
Paper filigree is over 500 years old and it is known that during the Renaissance French and Italian nuns and monks used to quill items to decorate the covers of religious books. Quilling was quite popular amongst the upper class ladies of the 18th century; however its popularity waned during the 19th century and has only recently regained some of its past popularity, this time being open to people of all classes, not just the rich.

How to Get Started
If you have only recently learnt about this craft then you may be wondering how to get started. One easy way of getting started is to use pre-made packs that come with paper, quilling accessories and patterns. Another way you can get started is to use books with patterns and then purchase your own paper and accessories separately. You may also find local quilling classes in your neighbourhood where you can learn in a more social atmosphere. Find the method that is right for you or experiment with a few different methods.

Paper quilling is a relatively cheap hobby that requires thin strips of paper, glue and a quilling needle. It has been around for hundreds of years and you can learn quilling through books, kits or taking classes and you can even find quilling instructions online.